Use of a Telecoil (T-Coil) for Hearing Assistance in Theaters

The hearing aid you receive from us may have a telecoil in it, which allows you to take advantage of technology available at some of the theaters for live performances and many churches in town. These locations have systems in place to make your hearing easier by decreasing the negative effects of distance and noise between the person speaking or singing and you you. The farther speech has to travel, the less distinct it becomes and the more chance that there will be noise between the speaker and your ears.

It works like this: The sound from the microphone worn by the speaker on stage s transmitted out into the auditorium to be picked up by a receiver and delivered to your ears.

Auditoriums that are "looped" (the whole seating area is surrounded by a wire)



The Boal Barn

Audioriums that have receivers with neckloops

Downtown Citizen's Theater (light beam signal)

Eisenhower (light beam signal)

The State Theather (FM signal)

Most Broadway theaters in NYC

If you are aware of additional locations please Email Us.

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