Albrecht Audiology Hearing Aid Repair Services

Hearing Aid Analysis, Service and Repairs

Hearing instruments that we fit will be serviced at no charge while under warranty. If purchased elsewhere, there will be a handling charge for warranty repairs; or charges based on time spent for in-office services, such as minor repairs, cleaning, and programming adjustments. Electro-acoustic analysis can confirm that hearing aids are functioning up to manufacturer's specifications. We can check to be sure the directional microphones and noise management features are working as they are designed.

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As our patient you can expect a thorough assessment of your hearing, loudness perception characteristics, and listening needs, and advice as to how to best meet those needs. If amplification is recommended, you can expect a high degree of personal care in choosing appropriately from a rapidly increasing and changing range of technology, whether it be limited to help with the television, for example, or a more complete solution for all environments.

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