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Hearing Assessment

The more we (and you) know about the status of your auditory system, the better we can advise you and help correct any deficits you may have. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to test people of all ages. Assessment may include: (link to more info)

Pure tone air and bone conduction threshold measurements - to determine the sensitivity of your hearing.

Speech recognition testing - to measure your ability to understand speech if it is loud enough to hear.

Speech-in-Noise testing - to determine how well you can understand speech in varying levels of background noise.

Tympanometry - to measure the eardrum movement and middle ear status, which helps to determine whether there is a medical explanation for some of your hearing loss or ear symptoms.

Otoacoustic emission testing - a very targeted test of the inner ear hair cells which can indicate early damage to the ear before it's noticeable to you or measurable with a pure tone test.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus is a common condition, where a person experiences a ringing, rushing, or buzzing in the ears. Tinnitus will not cause you to go deaf, but its presence may affect your daily activities. Our audiologists can help recommend a course of action to deal with this persistent problem. Each person has an individual response to treatment. Our goal is to work with you to relieve this condition. (more information)...

Trust Albrecht Audiology for all your hearing needs.

As our patient you can expect a thorough assessment of your hearing, loudness perception characteristics, and listening needs, and advice as to how to best meet those needs. If amplification is recommended, you can expect a high degree of personal care in choosing appropriately from a rapidly increasing and changing range of technology, whether it be limited to help with the television, for example, or a more complete solution for all environments.

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